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Leftpillar LLC is a ONE STOP SHOP that does Promotions, Marketing, Advertising, Event Planning, Catering, Decorations, Flyer Designs, Brochure Design, Logo Design, Cover Art, Web Graphics & Designs, Ticket Design, Social Media Graphics, Vector Art, Poster Design, Print Banner Design, Invitation Designs, & Speaking Engagements. You will be happy with our services. Call today for a consultation for your next event or project and we can take you places!! 


Leftpillar LLC, is also a certified in given classes on teamwork, management skills, and information security in the workplace.   


Web Design

Your website is the heart and soul of your business’ online presence. You have to use it to present your brand as qualified and trustworthy, as well as to inspire visitors to take action. We’ll help you turn your website into your best source of high-quality leads.


Print Design

Flyers are a useful medium when broadcasting events. Allow us to ease the process of designing and printing. Our innovative ideas incite action and inspire loyalty.

Innovation Our greatest Asset

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